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Specialty Soap Bar - Loofa Exfoliant

Specialty Soap Bar - Loofa Exfoliant

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Handmade Item

Weight: 5 oz
Materials: Glycerin, Loofah, Essential Oil or Fragrance, Oatmeal Flakes
Style: Loofah Soap- LuffaSoap -Unisex Foot Scrubbers-Pedi-Spa Soap-Natural Exfoliant

Great for Home Pedi Spa Days to exfoliate dead skin and generate skin renewal all in one. Infused with a generous loofah slice then cocoa butter and shea butter are added to every bar to provide natural moisturizers.

How to use: Wet the soap then apply to wet skin. Excellent for exfoliating knees, elbows, and feet. Rinse well and keep soap dry between uses.
PURE Loofa Exfoliant soaps are handmade in small batches then packaged in biodegradable cello wrap. 
*** SPECIAL: Purchase 3 soap bars and receive a free handcrafted reclaimed wood soap dish! Choose all one scent or mix and match! Yes, PURE will send you a soap dish for every three (3) bars you purchase. 3 bars = 1 soap dish, 6 bars = 2 soap dishes, 9 soap bars = 3 soap dishes, etc.