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seedgeeks Beeswax Lotion Bars - 5 Styles
seedgeeks Beeswax Lotion Bars - 5 Styles
seedgeeks Beeswax Lotion Bars - 5 Styles
seedgeeks Beeswax Lotion Bars - 5 Styles

seedgeeks Beeswax Lotion Bars - 5 Styles

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Perfect for travel, gardening, or anything on the go. Makes a great addition to gift baskets and care packages.

DIRECTIONS: Gently rub onto your hands and body. The warmth of your skin will soften the lotion bar to glide on smoothly. Great for dry skin areas such as feet and elbows. Lotion bars are convenient, portable, and mess-free. Great for your purse, travel, or gym bag!

INGREDIENTS: Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter


{100% natural}
Our lotion bars are handmade in small batches using moisturizing butters, pure aroma therapeutic essential oils and beeswax from treatment free hives. They contain no artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, or petroleum products.


Net Wt. 1.5 oz


Available in Pure & Simple (Unscented), Cocoa Butter, Orange Ylang Ylang, Honey Vanilla and Bug Off (Insect Repelling).

  • All natural PURE & SIMPLE lotion bars are just that! No added scent, just the moisturizing benefits of our luxurious butters and oils.
  • COCOA Butter lotion bar has a delicious natural chocolate scent from the cocoa butter. Soothes dry winter skin without ever leaving it feeling greasy.
  • ORANGE YLANG YLANG gives a bright and cheerful aroma therapeutic scent to our moisturizing lotion bars. Use this bar anytime to care for elbows, knees, heels, hands and feet to remove rough, dry skin and to soften cuticles.
  • HONEY VANILLA lotion bar has a southern home scent from the infused honey and vanilla with the moisturizing benefits of our luxurious butters and oils.
  • BUG OFF insect repelling lotion bars will keep the critters away while making you smell fantastic, and all without any chemicals! This blend of bug repelling essential oils helps to keep away mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas but smells so good to us that we have people continue to request it in the winter just for its lovely fragrance!

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