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iVIVA Hippie Love - Himalayan Salt Soap

iVIVA Hippie Love - Himalayan Salt Soap

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Bubbly, very slight exfoliation with the lavender buds, and fragrant hippie aroma! This patchouli lavender soap is gentle for your face, bubbly enough for shaving, and delightful with a loofah! Great gift for yourself, your favorite vegan, or your hippie mama!

iViva took my Hippie Love essential oil blend, combined it with cocoa powder, and dried lavender buds in this all-natural Hippie Soap. Lavender buds are sourced from a local farm in South Carolina - "Southern Hills Lavender Farm."

What makes iVIVA soap special?

- Vegan, and handcrafted in small batches

- 1/4 oz. of iVIVA essential oil in EACH bar

- Himalayan salt brine (solé) smoothly infused into the cold-process recipe, resulting in 84+ minerals = a detox soap

iVIVA Bandit's Blend Soap is made with all natural ingredients and is 100% vegan. Handcrafted with care in Taylors, SC. Weight size will range from 4.5-6 oz.