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Face Scrubbies - Hemp Cord - 2 Pack

Face Scrubbies - Hemp Cord - 2 Pack

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Hemp, Natural Hemp, Hemp Cord, Crochet, Crocheted Hemp, Eco Friendly, Zero Waste

Give yourself luxurious spa treatment at home with these high quality, exfoliating hemp cord face scrubbies. If you desire a less abrasive face scrubbie, please check my other listings for Hemp Yarn.

These Scrubbies will also work in the kitchen, for scrubbing dishes, pans, veggies, you name it! Also makes short work of that unsightly bathtub ring. Will not scratch non-stick pans, glass or porcelain.

Hemp Cord is fully machine washable, air dry or dryer on low. Warm iron as needed.

Crocheted in a round using single crochet, double crochet and cluster stitches. Measure 3.5 inches across.

Hemp is an old fiber currently making a comeback. Hemp maintains its strength while wet better than cotton, lasts longer, and takes less pesticides to grow. Grows quickly and provides a greater yield per acre. It is also naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral. One of the top eco-friendly fibers.