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Mixologie - 1 ML Mini Roll-on - Key Chain

Mixologie - 1 ML Mini Roll-on - Key Chain

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1 ML Roll-on / 2 Individual Scents

Ingredients:  Dipropylene Glycol, Fragrance 


Read the labels of most perfumes, and you’ll find alcohol as the first ingredient—and for  many people, that comes with dry and irritated skin, headaches, and a scent that comes on overwhelmingly strong but dissipates quickly. Not here. Each of our expertly-crafted scents consist of high-quality concentrated oils and a gentler, longer-lasting emollient, DPG (dipropylene glycol).  That's right. All of Mix•o•logie’s scents are alcohol-free.


Charmed (shot of spice)

A soulful, sweetly warm scent laced with sensuality. A gathering of lush berry and pink champagne bubbles dance through our consciousness without a care in the world. Comforting undertones of peppered musk and creamy white sandalwood entwine with vetiver and amber for an ever lasting impression.

Tenacious (crisp vanilla)

A vibrant and sophisticated interpretation of a nostalgic favorite. Madagascar vanilla bean harmonizes with smokey musk, amber, and masculine nuances from woody sandalwood and white oak. Aged bourbon, tobacco flower, and tonka conclude the blend with just the right amount of mystery.

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