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Bath Salt - Recharge - Himalayan & Dead Sea - 2 Sizes
Bath Salt - Recharge - Himalayan & Dead Sea - 2 Sizes

Bath Salt - Recharge - Himalayan & Dead Sea - 2 Sizes

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Handmade Item

Large 24 oz Jar / Provides 8 to 12 soaks

Extra Large 32 oz Jar / Provides 12 to 16 soaks

An energizing blend with the many benefits of citrus oils. Choose this luxury soak to boost energy, ease stress, and uplift mood.

Himalayan Salt contains minerals that are necessary for your health, including macro minerals and trace minerals. Dead Sea Salt is believed to relieve skin ailments such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. PURE Bath Salts contain 84+ essential minerals to enhance your skin’s ability to retain moisture while keeping it healthy, silky and smooth.

PURE bath salts are made in small batches. Our housemade bath salts are much larger than other bath salts on the market and provide you twice the luxurious soaks. PURE bath salts are a keen consumer value to frequent users. Each glass jar contains a moisture absorption packet. Please remove packet before use. It is natural for the salts and arrowroot powder to solidify once packed. If product is unshakable, gently stir the bath salt mixture to disrupt before use. 

100% pure Himalayan Salt, 100% pure Dead Sea Salt, Non-GMO Arrowroot Powder Starch, 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oil blend crafted by aromatherapy experts.

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