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Body Oil Perfume - 2 styles
Body Oil Perfume - 2 styles
Body Oil Perfume - 2 styles

Body Oil Perfume - 2 styles

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Sexy and Mysterious Body Oil Perfume


2 oz Bottle

Good Witch Body Oil Perfume

Light, witchy, and mysterious in a dazling skull shaped bottle.

An irresistible blend of vanilla, amber, palo santo, orchid, sage and a very light drop each of patchouli and cinnamon cassia. This smells exactly like a sexy witch, it’s up to you to be good, or not!

Toxic Bitch Craft Body Oil Perfume

Sometimes, you need to stop playing nice and let negative energy know you’re not f*cking around. Our most coveted scent in a dazzling skull shaped bottle.

 There is nothing ordinary about this fragrance. Toxic Bitch Craft is MOOD. Fight fire with fire vibes, with a surprisingly delightful, strong feminine flourish, as well as earthy, enlightening spices. Like the midnight beauty of your dark, delightful soul, fragrance is ready to transform you into the gothic queen you truly are.

Like a flickering candle in the dead of Autumn, earthy scents of nutmeg, orange, clove, and bergamot add light and warmth, encouraging you to tap into your sexy, mysterious side.

External Use Only. Please stay out of the sun while wearing this body oil. These essential oils may cause skin sensitivity.

Sesame Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil , Nutmeg Essential Oil , and Clove Essential Oil.

Handmade to order. Just a little goes a long way! Highly scented body oil, made with skin loving carrier oils.

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