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Bath Bomb - Toxic Bitch Craft w/ Rose Petals
Bath Bomb - Toxic Bitch Craft w/ Rose Petals
Bath Bomb - Toxic Bitch Craft w/ Rose Petals

Bath Bomb - Toxic Bitch Craft w/ Rose Petals

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XL softball size bath bomb!

Toxic Bitch Craft Black Skull Bath Bomb! Want a black bath bomb that doesn’t stain you or tub and makes skin feel hydrated and amazing? Treat yourself or someone amazing to this unique and beautiful bath bomb. Organic, culinary rose buds and petals embellish this perfect black skull bath bomb scented with a custom blend of essential oils. Its also huge! It’s over half a pound. It won’t stain you, or your tub! It will leave you smelling like a gothic queen with the softest skin in the land.

We chose the essential oils of nutmeg, orange, clove, and bergamot, for light and warmth. Perfect for any season but especially magical during fall and winter. This is one heavenly bath experience! It’s our number one best seller and while there may be knockoffs out there, nothing compare to this one! Orange essential oil is anti-inflammatory and toning. Packed with Vitamin C which has been shown to boost collagen. Nutmeg essential oil has been shown to battle inflammation and pain, as well as improve circulation in skin. This essential oil has a claiming effect. Clove essential oil fights candida, and is anti bacterial. Tones skin and smells amazing! Bergamot essential oil boosts skin health and helps uplift your mood.

The purest black bath water, will not stain your skin, or tub! It will leave you with soft, purified, glowing skin! The organic food grade rose petals add a touch of elegance!

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Organic, unrefined, cold pressed; Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Water, Nutmeg essential oil, Orange essential oil, Bergamot essential oil, Organic, Culinary grade rose petals, Activated Charcoal, and Cosmetic Grade Colorants. These are about the size of a softball. This item contains coconut oil, so please be careful getting in and out of your tub when using. Wiping out tub with a little soapy water afterwards should be enough.