Acne Relief Soap Bar - Back, Butt, & Body
Acne Relief Soap Bar - Back, Butt, & Body

Acne Relief Soap Bar - Back, Butt, & Body

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THE BACK, BUTT, AND BODY BAR - Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Organic Body Acne Relief. (1 pack- 5.0 oz/bar)

Back Acne (Bacne) Relief | Acne Body Wash and Scrub, Great For Body, Butt, Neck, and Chest Acne to Prevent Pimples and Blemishes | Pregnancy Safe and Organic

  • RELIEF FROM CHEST ACNE, BUTT ACNE, BACK ACNE, AND INFLAMED SKIN CONDITIONS...Tea Tree oil is a known anti-fungal and has antibiotic properties, killing microorganisms on the skin.

  • DEEP CLEAN WITHOUT DRYING...Gentle yet powerful Activated Charcoal is a natural antioxidant that attracts and locks in toxins, dirt, and oil that cause breakouts and irritation. It then washes it all away without changing the skin’s natural pH.

  • MADE WITH 100% VEGAN, ALL-NATURAL, ORGANIC INGREDIENTS THAT ARE PREGNANCY SAFE...Green Tea, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Shea Butter, Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil, and Bamboo Activated Charcoal.

  • EASY TO USE...Wet your skin and hands with lukewarm water (easiest to use in the shower!). Lather soap in hands. Massage lather onto skin with a gentle, circular motion. Rinse and pat dry with a soft towel. Repeat every morning or evening for best results.


Are you suffering from acne on your back, chest, or shoulders? How about dry, red, inflamed skin? We know how it feels to try everything with little relief. That’s why we created Medicinal Soap Co...so you can stop worrying about your skin and acne, and start living the life you deserve.

Introducing Handmade Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil Soap by Medicinal Soap Co.

Naturally the best back acne treatment. Tea tree oil is a proven treatment for body acne, bacne, and other inflamed skin conditions without the use of harsh chemicals like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

Activated Charcoal naturally surrounds, locks in, and washes away toxins we encounter due to indoor and outdoor pollution. Feel the deep clean in every last pore!

Green tea is the base of this soap and is naturally anti-inflammatory, helping to remove the itch and irritation from the skin's surface.

Please note: If using on the face, avoid getting the soap into your eyes, as tea tree essential oil can be irritating to the eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.