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About Us

Handmade Bath + Body + Mind store located in Cleveland, TN and on the worldwide web. Established 2019.

We are nuts. We are nuts about purity. It is our mission to provide handmade products which are good for the body and the mind. PURE was established to help you lavish yourself with high quality, handmade products while reducing the number of toxins you come into contact with each day. PURE label products are completely free from artificial chemicals, fragrances, parabens and sulfates. Each product's ingredients are carefully chosen for their unique qualities and benefits. We ensure only the purest ingredients go into each PURE brand product. 

Thanks for visiting our relaxing little store. We hope you have enjoyed viewing our PURE handmade products. If you are pleased with your PURE experience please consider providing a consumer review. Every time someone like you posts a product review, a horn sounds in our production facility and everybody smiles and spins around 3 times. Our PURE marketing nuts will then start a golf clap and our PURE shipping nut will grab a bar in her office doorway and do a pull-up (we don't know why she does this, but we just roll with it). Jason, our head PURE marketing nut, will probably yell "Bubbles" and throw up handfuls of shipping peanuts. Our PURE nuts get so excited over product reviews! So, I didn't write this to tell you about the PURE nuts' lack of impulse control, but to thank you in advance for leaving a product review. If you can't tell, we live and die for these things.


Enjoy the Benefits, 
PURE Bath + Body + Mind